Why Memorial?

The Memorial Difference

What makes Reitz Memorial High School different from all the rest?

Could it be the Catholic environment?
While Reitz Memorial High School is a Catholic school, those of other religious backgrounds are welcome to attend.  All students are exposed to the basic tenets of the Catholic faith through theology classes, but no attempt is made to convert non-Catholic students to Catholicism. The contributions and questions of students from various belief systems and their exposure to Catholicism and its traditions benefit everyone involved.  Other faith-centered activities in which students participate include student prayer and penance services, retreat days, and liturgical services.
The atmosphere at Memorial is one which fosters pride and self-worth in each individual.  The ability to exert self-discipline is expected.  Students are treated with respect and dignity.  A student/teacher ratio of approximately 15 to 1 allows for individual attention to students and a close relationship between the adults and students of Memorial.
Christianity is not merely an intellectual activity - it is a way of life.  One of the most important aspects of being a Christian is contributing positively to the lives of others. With this in mind, Memorial has developed a four-year service program that challenges our students to reach beyond themselves and to touch the lives of others. 
Could it be our Philosophy of Education?
Reitz Memorial High School is a Catholic school which carries out the educational mission of the Diocese of Evansville at the secondary level. 
Reitz Memorial High School exists to provide quality secondary education in the academic areas while promoting the development of both social skills and personal talents.  In addition, Memorial assists parents in their role as the primary teachers of religious values.  These high standards of education are achieved by enabling the young people we serve to develop a Christian view of reality through the presentation of the values and morality of the Gospel and the exercise of the Christian life. Utilizing the unique gifts and talents of its faculty and staff, Memorial strives to educate students to their highest human potential.
Could it be the dress code?
The uniform dress code of Reitz Memorial High School is based on our belief that students should present an image that reflects a sense of pride in themselves, their families, and their school.  In a society which places much emphases on fashion, where consumerism attempts to define social position and self-worth by the price, label, or logo which appears on clothing, our dress code stands as a reminder that clothing can be simple and uniform, and the real worth of the individual is in what he or she accomplishes with the gifts God has given. Our students will enter careers and professions where what they wear or their general appearance will not be their choice.  We feel that we have an obligation to help them understand and accept those expectations as part of being an adult.
Could it be our strong academic program?
Reitz Memorial High school is accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and by the AdvancED/North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  In 2002 Memorial was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education.
Our strong academic program includes the following:
  • Accelerated courses in English, math, science, and social studies.
  • Bridge Program through the University of Evansville
  • AP classes in science, foreign language, English, math and social studies.
  • Computer literacy for use in all areas of the curriculum
  • Two four-year foreign language programs: German, and Spanish
  • Range of business-oriented courses
  • Opportunities in study skills
  • Academic and career counseling at all grade levels
  • Trade and industry courses offered through a shared-time program with the public school system
  • Could it be the wholesome choices of activities provided to our students?
While growing academically, students also need the opportunity to develop physically, socially, and morally.  Students become more well-rounded individuals as they interact with others. Some opportunities for involvement include the following:
  • Complete athletic program for boys and girls
  • Complete extra-and co-curricular programs for boys and girls
  • Active student government
  • Instrumental and choral classes and programs
  • European tours
  • Art shows: school and community exhibits and competitions
  • Academic competition
  • Speech and debate
  • Drama productions
  • Curriculum-related clubs and activities
  • Cheerleading, dance team, and flag corps groups
  • Service opportunities through service clubs
We think it is all of the above!  Being a Catholic, Christian school, we believe we are in the unique position of being able to offer students a quality education in an atmosphere of firm discipline seasoned with much caring and individual attention and respect. Call us today to make high school at Memorial a part of your child’s future!
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