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Reitz Memorial High School Service Mission Statement:
In fostering a commitment to service, we respond to Jesus’ command to serve by feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and imprisoned through a comprehensive service-learning program.

The students of Memorial High School are encouraged to live a lifestyle which involves a loving response to the needs of others. Memorial's philosophy regarding service is to enable our students "to develop a Christian view of reality through the presentation of the Gospel values and exercise of a Christian lifestyle." In view of this philosophy, Memorial regards Christian service as an integral component of the education process at every grade level. In addition to the benefits for the recipients of their service, students will find it rewarding and productive for their own growth. The personal efforts to serve others will add an essential dimension to their educational experience.
Because of the significance of Memorial's philosophy, all students must actively participate in one major project offered through school and one project done within their parish or place of worship.

In keeping with the Corporal Works of Mercy, through direct contact with the needy, our students will develop a deeper appreciation for the human dignity of all persons.
Our students will grow spiritually through written reflections on their service experiences.
Through exposure to a variety of service opportunities, our students will prayerfully discern their gifts and interests.
Our students will develop a lifelong commitment to Christian service which will lead to further building of the Kingdom of God.

Education - becoming aware of the needs of others, and what can be done to meet those needs
Participation - developing and implementing service programs that bring immediate aid or result in long term change
Reflection – examining how service enriched their own lives and those they served

How it works:
Students will participate in at least 1 SCHOOL sanctioned service project per school year.
  • Students will sign up at the beginning of the year for the opportunity that fits into their interests and schedule.
    • When students turn in COMPLETED REFLECTION form, the Homeroom teacher will keep track of their participation

Students will participate in at least 1 PARISH service opportunity per school year, sponsored by their parish or church. Some examples include working the summer social, being an altar server, working Vacation Bible School, etc.
  •  Unlike the school-sanctioned projects, parish projects must be arranged by the individual student.
    • They are required to provide the information asked for on the refection form, i.e. the supervisor in charge and a phone number or email.
    • When students turn in COMPLETED REFLECTION form, the Homeroom teacher will keep track of their participation.

PLEASE NOTE: These requirements are minimal. ALL additional service performed by students will be recorded on their official record.
What about school organizations that want to sponsor service events? (i.e. Key Club, Snow Flake, Student Council)

The three components of the Memorial Service Program must be present to qualify as a “major project.”
  •  Education
  •  Participation
  •  Reflection.

Advisors/Sponsors/Coaches must demonstrate to theology department how a project specifically fulfills these components to be considered as a “School project” before the end of August.

Any service done by students for organizations that DO NOT qualify as a “school project” will still be officially recorded by homeroom teachers but will not count towards required service.

If there are extreme circumstances that prevent a student from participating in one of the school-sponsored programs, the student must arrange a meeting with a theology teacher to consider other options.
If there are any further questions or clarifications needed, please contact a teacher in the theology department.
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