School Staff

Secretary to Principal   
Ms. Catie Diefenbaugh
Ms. Sabrina Goelzhauser

Secretary to Assistant Principal-Student Services
Mrs. Annette Smallwood

Secretary to Assistant Principal-Curriculum
Ms. Catie Diefenbaugh

Secretary to Athletic Department
Mrs. Patty Vann

Secretary to Counseling Office
Mrs. Bertha Melendres

Technology Team
Mr. Rick Wilson
Mr. Erik Slow

Mrs. Monica Hammett

PEERS Project Coordinator
Mrs. Cecelia Reising

Ms. Mary Beckwith - Food Service Director 
Ms. Tina Montgomery - Manager 
Ms. Wendy Gries - Cashier
Ms. Becky Heerdink - Cashier
Ms. Jean Jackson - Cashier
Ms. Tonja Devillez - Cashier
Ms. Maria David - Server
Mrs. Tracey Wynn - Server
Mr. Jim Head - Stock

Maintenance Department
Mr. Dave Buckman - Facilities Manager
Mr. Rollie Tucker - Maintenance
Mr. Kyle Buckman - Maintenance


School Liaison Officer
Mr. Bryan Hildebrant


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