Resource Program

Resource Program

Reitz Memorial High School Resource Program

Reitz Memorial High School strives to meet the educational needs of all students in an inclusive, Catholic learning environment. The Resource Program is available for students identified with disabilities who have demonstrated the ability to achieve successfully in the regular classroom setting using accommodations combined with limited support in the resource setting. Reitz Memorial High School employs licensed special education teachers and teaching assistants to provide resource level support to students in the Resource Program. Students may enroll in a resource class, a non-credit election, to receive support with homework completion, organizational and study strategies, test preparation, test accommodations, etc. It is possible for a student to enroll in the resource course every semester for four years while earning the required credits to graduate. Students may also utilize the resource room as appropriate for test accommodations as well as during homeroom/SRB.

Reitz Memorial High School receives consultant services from itinerant teachers and limited services from related service providers (speech and language teacher, occupational therapist, physical therapist) from the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation for students who have been determined eligible for special education services. The Reitz Memorial High School resource teachers collaborate with itinerant teachers and related service providers to coordinate services for students identified with disabilities. Reitz Memorial High School also coordinates services for students determined eligible for accommodations according to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Parents of students with disabilities are required to discuss their child’s special needs and provide documentation (Individualized Education Plan, IEP, or 504 Plan as well as recent psychological evaluation demonstrating eligibility) with the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction and the Resource Teacher upon making application.

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