Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Our theatre program offers students of all confidence, experience, and ability levels an opportunity to explore life on stage. The courses include opportunities to study diverse aspects of theatre as well as to explore the history and genres of plays and musicals. Students in these courses present showcases each semester; these projects are student-directed, student-managed, student-performed scenes. Through our theatre curriculum, students grow in their skills as well as in their understanding of life on stage by exploring all aspects of theatre:

  • learning to act and perform
  • designing and creating stage sets
  • managing lights, sound, and props
  • designing costumes, hair styles, and makeup
  • directing scenes
  • managing the financial and promotional aspects of a production

While many of these skills are learned in the classroom, much of the coursework takes place in our newly remodeled auditorium. Built in 1925, the auditorium holds 1,000 people and was refurbished in 2009. More recent additions include updating the sound and lights and adding new microphones.

Outside of the classroom, Memorial hosts many theatre opportunities including both a fall play and spring musical, participating in Drama Club and both the Indiana Thespian and International Thespian Organizations, competition at the regional and state level, and involvement in the State Thespian Association. The hard work and efforts of these talented students and faculty members earn a variety of honors.

Ticket Information

Click here to purchase tickets online for our upcoming MHS production of the tongue in cheek comedy Curtains. 

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule

Monday 12th-3pm-5pm
Strauss, Nemur, Alice, Charlie, Burt, Doris, Nurse, Frank, Gina, Joe, Mrs. Donner
Tuesday 13th-3pm-5pm
Frank, Gina, Joe, Mrs. Donner, Charlie, Strauss, Nemur, Mrs. Feldman, Alice
Thursday 14th-3pm-5pm
Alice, Mrs. Feldman, Frank, Gina, Joe, Mrs. Donner, Charlie, Ellen, Burt, Nemur, Charlie, Ellen, Burt, Nemur, Strauss, Mother, Father, Little Charlie, Young Norma, Teen-age Charlie
Saturday 17th-9am-noon
Set Construction (Lots of organizing, painting and some building) 
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