Guidance and Counseling

Guidance & Counseling

Guidance & Counseling Staff

Dorrinda Cullum (email)
Counselor for students in the following homerooms:
(Freshman) Mr. Schaefer, Mr. Hupfer, Mrs. Exline 
(Sophomores) Ms. Brokaw, Mr. Gries, Mr. Hobson, Mrs. Lensing
(Juniors) Mrs. Carner, Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Sam Mattingly, Mrs. VanBibber
(Seniors) Ms. Miller, Mrs. Steffenhagen, Mr. Weber
Carrie Howe (email)
Counselor for students in the following homerooms:
(Freshman)  Mrs. Husdon, Mrs. Ackerman, Mrs. Morales, Mrs. Johnson
(Sophomores) Mrs. Mauer, Mrs. Murphy, Mr. Schmitt
(Juniors) Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Wilkey, Mr. Wetzel, Mrs. Wetzel
(Seniors) Mrs. Prather, Mr. Larry Mattingly, Mrs. Nimnicht, Mr. Schoenbaum
Heidi Bennett (email)
College and Career Counselor
Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors
Tyler Patchin (email)
Youth First Social Worker
Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors 

Counseling Links

FastWeb (Scholarships)
Learn More Indiana
Are you on track for college success? NOW is the time
to plan. Don't wait till your Senior year.
9th Grade
1.  Be sure to be on track for the Core 40 
 with Academic Honors diploma.
      Don't know what this is you need to see your counselor.  
2.  Take a skills assessment through
      This can give you some ideas on which careers might be 
      good for you.
10th Grade
1.  Be sure to take the PSAT Test
     Once you receive your results you can prepare for an
     awesome SAT & ACT score in the spring of your Junior
2.  Make sure you are taking challenging courses in 
     High School. Colleges look at the difficulty level of 
     the courses you took, not just your GPA.
11th Grade
1.  Taking PSAT for the 2nd time.  You could
    qualify for the National Merit Scholarship
    program .
2.  Make sure you are still on track for Core 40 
     Academic Honors Diploma.
3.  Not sure where you want to go to college?
     Talk to the college reps that visit your school.
4.  Register for the ACT & SAT in the Spring.
     This gives you more time for retakes if you need 
   * Get to school on time every day do your
work and do it well. Be a leader in an activity or sport
you enjoy. Find a volunteer opportunity or an internship
to get experience.
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