Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for the 2019-2020 School Year

How do I access Sycamore for grades and cafeteria account?
Reitz Memorial parents will receive an email from Lisa Popham, Assistant Principal, by June 7, 2019.  The email will contain login and password information for the 2019-2020 school year for new parents along with step-by-step instructions on how to login to Sycamore, access grades, and make lunch payments.  If you have additional questions or are unable to login, please contact us at (812) 476-4973 ext. 2101.

How do I find my student’s schedule?
Schedules for the 2019-2020 school year will be available through Sycamore on July 12, 2019, to all those that have completed a FACTS payment agreement or paid their balance in full.  Also, the return of the signed Consent to Drug and/or Alcohol Screening Test is required only for new students.  After July 12, 2019, schedules will be released individually, as the FACTS payments agreements are completed and required paperwork is returned.

How does block scheduling work?
Reitz Memorial runs on an alternate day block schedule that are referred to as White Days and Blue Days.  Each student has four 85-minute periods each day throughout the year on alternating days.  These White Days and Blue Days have been set in a fixed schedule for the school year (see 2019-2020 school calendar).  An example schedule is provided below.

Time                                    Blue Day                      White Day

.5in'>7:35 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.           English                         Geometry

9:07 a.m. – 10:32 a.m.         Theatre Arts                  World History
10:37 a.m. – 12:38 p.m.       Biology                         Spanish (four 30-minute lunches during 3rd block)

12:45 p.m. – 1:15 p.m.         Homeroom                    Homeroom (Homeroom meets every day)

1:20 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.           Theology                       2D Art

What supplies does my student need for each class?

The 2019-2020 supply list will be posted on our website at on or before June 1, 2019.

How do I apply for free and reduced meals and textbook assistance for my student?

The application request for free and reduced meals and textbook assistance will be available on July 1, 2019.  This State issued application will be accessible on our website at

How do I order uniforms for my student?

Uniform polos (which are worn during the first and fourth quarters), white and light blue oxford shirts (which are worn during the second and third quarters), 1/4-zip pullovers, sweaters and PE uniforms are available for purchase from the RMHS Spirit Store.  Oxford shirts can be purchased elsewhere, however, they can not have a monogram or trademark emblem.  Links to the online Spirit Store can be found on our website at

What medical information does the school need?

State law requires that all students provide documentation of immunizations.  Reitz Memorial requires that this information must be on file on or before the first day of school.  If your child is a student athlete, they are required to complete and return a physician certified IHSAA Physical Form to the Reitz Memorial Athletic Office.  Your student does not need a physical if he or she does not plan on participating in athletics.

What is FACTS?

FACTS is a tuition management company that provides flexible payment plan options to families.

What is the deadline to register with FACTS?

Families will receive an email notification from FACTS in late May to register and complete a payment agreement.  This must be done by June 30, 2019, as your student's enrollment is not final until tuition is paid in full or a payment agreement has been completed.

What are my options for paying Tuition?

Reitz Memorial offers five payment options for Tuition
   1. Payment in Full by July 5, 2019
   2. Semester Payments – half tuition and all fees due on July 5, 2019; half tuition due on December 5, 2019

margin-left:.5in;margin-bottom:.0001pt'>   3. 10 Monthly Payments – 1/10 tuition and all fees due on the parent's choice of either July 5, 2019 or July 22,margin-left:.5in'>    2019; 9 additional monthly payments to followmargin-left:.5in;margin-bottom:.0001pt'>   4. Semi-Monthly Payments – 1/20 tuition and all fees due on July 5, 2019, 1/20 tuition due on July 22, 2019;margin-left:.5in'>    18 additional semi-monthly payments to follow

What fees need to be paid in addition to Tuition?
  • General Fee
  • Activity Fee
  • Technology Fee
  • Class Fees
  • Graduation Fee (seniors only)
  • Payment Option Fee (when applicable) is to be paid in full by the tuition due date

What are the requirements for enrollment?

  • Full payment of the balance due for tuition, fees, and cafeteria account from prior academic years
  • Payment of the enrollment fee for continuing students
  • Completion of a payment agreement with FACTS or full payment of tuition and fees for 2019-2020;
  • Return of the signed Consent to Drug and/or Alcohol Screening Test (for new students only)

What if I have a balance in my account from the 2018-2019 school year?

Registration for the upcoming school year will not be completed until all balances from the prior year, including cafeteria accounts, have been paid in full.  Failure to address these balances by the FACTS registration deadline may result in the student(s) not be admitting to Reitz Memorial High School.

Are tuition payments still accepted at Reitz Memorial?

Payment through FACTS is encouraged, but payments are always accepted at the Reitz Memorial Business Office.

What if I have additional questions in regard to tuition or the 2019-2020 school year?

The Business Office is located in Holy Cross Hall on the west side of campus.  Staff is available for assistance during the school year Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and during summer (June and July) from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Main Office is located at the front circle entrance off of Lincoln Avenue.  Staff is available for assistance during the school year Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  The Main Office will be closed from June 24, 2019, through July 5, 2019.

Main Office - (812) 476-4973            Business Office - (812) 474-2943 

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