Fan Code of Conduct

As a Catholic High School, Reitz Memorial High School is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for all fans, both in the sporting venue and in the parking lots. We want all fans attending our games to enjoy the experience in a responsible fashion. When attending a game, you are required to refrain from the following behaviors:

      Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, disrespectful, or illegal in nature
      Intoxication or other signs of impairment
      Foul or abusive language, obscene gestures or verbal or physical harassment
      Interference with the progress of the game (including throwing objects onto the field)
      Signage that is offensive, in poor taste, or does not support sportsmanship
      Failing to follow instructions of sporting event personnel
      Tobacco use including vaping devices

All present for an event are responsible for their conduct. Event staff will promptly intervene to ensure an environment where fans and participants can enjoy the event free from the above behaviors. 

Fans who choose to display unacceptable behavior that violates these provisions will be subject to sanctions.  Sanctions may include refusal of admittance, removal from the event without refund, loss of ticket privileges for future events, or other sanctions as determined by the administration of Reitz Memorial High School.

Any athletic official, including but not limited to, contest officials, athletic director, principal, assistant principals, game site supervisors and anyone else in an administrative role on the site, may uphold enforcement of an ejection.

While this Fan Code of Conduct encompasses behavior expectations and consequences for both student and adult fans, Reitz Memorial High School administration may apply further consequences to a student ejected from a contest due to the student violating the Student Handbook.
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