Coat of Arms

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Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms
Top Left
This is the Brothers of Holy Cross coat of arms. The two crossed anchors represent the union of the Brothers of Holy Cross and the Priests of Holy Cross. The cross superimposed over the anchors indicates that the cross is our only hope. 
Top Right 
This is the combined emblems of the Sisters of Providence. One half is a popular evergreen with a Latin cross on each side. The left side is taken from the family of the foundress of the order, Madame du Roscoat. The three eaglets are symbolic of the Holy Trinity. 
Bottom Left 
This is a symbol of Evansville. The crescent stands for the city of Evansville, the crescent city. The parapet under the crescent helps complete the image of a city. The two wavy lines represent the two major rivers found in the diocese: the Ohio and Wabash. The line representing the Ohio is supposed to be wider than that representing the Wabash, a much smaller river.
Bottom Right 
This is the symbol of knowledge. 
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